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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne Disucssion (Spoilers)

Of course Bruce will return eventually. I hope they wait a while, though, and avoid some the gimmicky stuff, such as making him the Spectre, etc. I'm enjoying the Batman & Robin book in particular.

While I've never been much of a fan of the Damien Wayne character, setting him up as Robin to Dick's Batman is a great premise. Dick's not only in the position of taking Bruce's mantle, but he also has to basically raise Bruce's son. It's the most interesting thing to happen to Dick Grayson's character since he went off to become Nightwing.

As much as I enjoy the Dick/Tim dynamic and the fan in me would prefer to see it, this set-up's the one with the most intriguing possibilities. It's also fun to see the reversal of the paradigm, with a more light-hearted Batman and a no-nonsense Robin.

I also like that Morrison's scaled back his Batman R.I.P. weirdness to a style of storytelling much more in line with All-Star Superman and some of his earlier DCU work. As complicated as things got in order to get the characters to this point, it's now refreshingly simple, at least as far as Batman & Robin goes.

I'd quit buying most of the monthly books, deciding to just pick and choose from whatever trades interest me, but now I'm picking up this one.
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