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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

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^Upon conferring with my aunt, who is well versed in these matters, I suspect that to be the case. This PC has an integrated graphics card, whatever that according to her, it just doesn't have the juice to handle serious gaming. I really want to find that sales guy...
You would be correct that integrated cards can't really do gaming well. All that it really means is that rather than being its own card, it is a part of the motherboard. Because of this, it shares all of the mobo's resources (processor, etc), and doesn't really have space for the more fancy features. On the other hand, an actual video card has its own processor and sometimes it's own cooling system, and the ability to do some of the more fancy stuff. You can buy a card to go into your computer for a decent price, though looking back on your specs, I would also advise a slightly more powerful processor as well.
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