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Re: Bleeding orange and green...or what?

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I'm enjoying it, too, and I do also enjoy the aforementioned symbol of the Glorious Cardassian Union, but I'm not sure I enjoy it for the same reason other people, possibly more normal people (possibly not ) do. I mean, me, that is an amazingly creepy symbol. I have been told that it's based on a manta ray, but it reminds me of two things, none all that "Glorious": a scorpion (I grew up in the desert and so I don't give venomous critters much of a thought, really, but scorpions are one of the critters that give me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies) and Darth Vader.
And in what is either an important connection or an astonishing coincidence, a individual extremely physically similar to the Cardassian we know as 'Elim Garak' - although apparently of human appearance - was known on Earth in the beginning of the 8th decade of the 20th century, as 'Scorpio Killer', until he was shot dead by one Inspector Harry Callahan.
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