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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne Disucssion (Spoilers)

When I read Final Crisis (which I liked), I thought the structure was still there for Bruce as New God: the role of the Super Young Team (and to a lesser extent the appearance of Captain Carrot) seemed to be all about DC's split personality when it comes to generational story-telling. Do you want new characters, legacy characters, or a perpetual Silver Age? If Bruce (and maybe others) had become new New Gods at the end of Final Crisis, I think the theme of story-telling would have come out better than it did.

Then again, if Bruce Wayne is really back in the Stone Age carving bat-symbols, then in theory he can become the kind of story that gives rise to gods in Science Fiction stories everywhere. If to be believed in is to be a god or a sort of god (this works for Marvel's Thor, Tinkerbell, etc), then Bruce is already on his way.
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