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The technology ... or our ability to realize what was once just an idea is not the problem.
Problems lie in the fact we live in a capitalist society which is constricted by money.
It ALWAYS comes down to money.
It's actually responsible for most of the issues we have on the planet and why technological/social progression is stagnating.

How many useful technologies could have made it into everyday use that would have been 10x (ok I may be exaggerating a bit) more efficient and better from what we use right now had they just have been created and applied in practise?
The list is quite long I can assure you when it comes to computers alone, other areas are sorely lacking.

NASA using outdated technology in shuttles is another problem (which is not solely restricted to internal aspects ... but also design and materials).
Very little if anything was upgraded properly ... and the only reason for why we are sorely lacking behind in virtually anything is 'cost' or 'money'.
Same thing EVERY TIME.

Making predictions about technology is not an issue.
Consider carefully that our day to day technology is not even on the level of early 21st century.
We are who we choose to be but also have predefined aspects of our personalities we are born with, and make art that defines us.
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