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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Shattered (**)

JANEWAY: Come in. You're late. Unfortunately, so's dinner.
CHAKOTAY: Let me guess, you burned the roast again.


CHAKOTAY: I'm not sure I get it myself, but the ship seems to have been fractured somehow.
SHMULLY: Fractured?
CHAKOTAY: Different areas seem to exist in different time periods.


While Morbo may be loud and terrifying, he does bring up a valid point. All of the historical incidents that this time travel mess created are spread out over thousands of light years, one of them even takes place in the AQ, so how is any of this possible? I know, I know, it's science fiction and none of this stuff makes sense but I find this one especially galling.

I get the idea behind this episode, it is trying to be like All Good Things by having visions of Voyager's future and its past. It's like a clip-show without being a boring clip-show. But All Good Things came together at the end to make sense (except for some logical inconsistencies involving the anti-time anomaly), it was a test devised by Q to see if Picard could figure out "the unknown possibilities of existence". In Shattered the whole plot revolves around an anomaly of the week which does something random and nonsensical and the solution is some technobabble thing that Seven devised.

And there is no sense of danger here, the time-travel nature of the plot makes it abundantly clear that everything is going to be reset at the end so that none of this happens. Even Tuvok's emotional death scene didn't impact me in the slightest because I knew it didn't mean anything, the only thing I thought was that I wished it was Harry so that I could increment his death counter one more time.

It wasn't a boring episode and there's some fun to be had, particularly with the cranky Shmully before he took his annoying turn. But overall I found it to be a very meh episode, perhaps because I don't feel all that nostalgic about Voyager.
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