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if a new trek series does come about, they don't try to make it compete with other successful shows in prime time on major viewing nights. I think it would be doomed, regardless of the content.
The Friday night timeslot after 9PM is where shows usually go to die as a network is not expecting them to perform there. Is that what you would like to have happen?
If a show is launched and planned as a 4-year run (instead of the past 7-year planned runs and contracted actors) CBS Television would want to promote it and put it in a place where they will get their largest audience. It would probably get a TVPG rating and thus be on weekly between 8-10PM on broadcast TV or cable to get the younger crowd under age 14.
That's fine and I see your point and their logic. I just don't see that many new fans or viewers tuning (casual fans, so to speak) in when they would normally be fans of shows like CSI, Law and Order, House, etc. It would just be difficult to compete with that demographic. Regardless of what fans may have liked or disliked about Enterprise, being aired on a minor league network on Wednesday nights, didn't help it ratings wise at all.

I think your idea about Showtime is cool, and I'd tune in, but there might be a lot of current or future fans who might not want to pay extra to watch. I seem to remember Stargate SG1 starting out there and did so so. it didn't prosper until it got to Sci Fi.
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