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Re: The Return of Bruce Wayne Disucssion (Spoilers)

Morrison has said that his vision for Batman is like a giant, five-part novel. Batman and Robin is part three. (I'm assuming Batman and Son is part one, and R.I.P. is part two.)

One reason why Dick works for me as Batman this time around, while I was "meh" on Prodigal at the time, is that Bruce isn't in the picture. With [i}Prodigal[/i], we knew that Bruce was still out there, and he would be back soon enough. Dick's tenure as Batman felt temporary then. It feels permanent now.

Maybe there will be an event, but I don't see it happening in 2010. Maybe 2011.

And what will that event be? Maybe Morrison will dust off his original plan for Final Crisis, in which Bruce Wayne become a God of the Fifth World.
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