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Re: My Take on Voyager Mk II

Anwar, you have an interesting idea and I can see how it might attract some viewers but (yep a but) the big thing I don't like is the way you are handling Janeway. The one thing that attracted me to Voyager and in fact attracts a lot of women to Voyager is Kathryn Janeway, the experienced Captain and very strong female character.

The one major theme that has to be in Voyager is that she is a strong character and her strength and experience is what holds that crew together, both maquis and starfleet.

Voyager's greatest strength, some of it born out of the characters, some out of the premise is that we all might have done it a little differently. We all have directions that for each of us would have made the show more appealing but again to each of us not the group as a whole.

My vision would have been people having "adult" relationships that turn into committed relationships and from that children being born. And yes even for the Captain.

The thing is my idea is no more Voyager than Anwar's. Both ideas are viable and could be written, Anwar's as a science fiction novel, mine as a science fiction romance novel.

Anwar, have you considered that in light of the fact that you have changed everything, you have in fact created a unique and stand alone idea. One that could be its own story because Voyager is only the inspiration, or the springboard.

Anyone can learn the mechanics of writing, but not everyone can build a world and even though it doesn't fit with what I think Voyager is, it's not a bad idea. Anwar's is an imaginative world, with a pretty good plot and he built it in his own mind and should be applauded for it and personally I hope you are able to use it somewhere.

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