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Re: Bleeding orange and green...or what?

^^ It's unlikely, but not completely impossible. Most measurements of the age of the Universe fall between 12-14 billion years. In the first 2 billion years of that time, it is believed that no stars contained planetary systems. There wasn't enough spare material for the formation of rocks or dust. Carbon can only be formed in a star that has become a red giant, in other words, a star that has entered approximately the last 10% of its lifespan. Because it is difficult to pinpoint accurate time frames for things that happened that long ago, most astronomers say hundreds of millions to several billion years passed before the formation of carbon. If it was just hundreds of millions of years, then yes, it would be possible for carbon to have been around by then, but there would have been no planets to sustain life from that carbon. Even if we assume that planets started forming after 2 billion years, it would have taken a great deal of time for any of those new planets to become habitable. It's an awfully big stretch.
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