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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Broadcast networks should be a firm "no way in hell" from the very beginning

I actually wouldn't rule out My Network TV or even first-run syndication again
This thread/poll is for a first-run new series. I hadn't thought of it being syndicated in the USA but instead on one network nationwide.
We know a new TV Trek series eventually will happen probably 6 months after Star Trek XIII is released in theaters around 2013. I would really love to see it on subscription-based premium television doing a 13-episode run with high quality written episodes and the time taken like The Sopranos or Mad Men. I just seriously doubt it will happen like that.
Even if a new Trek series should land on a premium-based series (which I also doubt), there's really no guarantee that it will be written to be less family friendly, IMO. Star Trek is, ultimately, a well-known brand name and while it can be edgier and sexier, I don't think CBS will ever allow it cross the PG-13/TV-14 threshold. Still, even with that, a new Trek series can push the boundaries of what had come before though...

Personally, though, I think any new Trek series will actually skew more towards younger audiences than older ones myself.

I did not include the cable channels AMC or TNT as I don't think it would happen there either.
Hmm...AMC is currently producing a six-episode remake of the '60s cult classic The Prisoner that's actually being filmed more like one giant theatrical movie rather than a television mini-series. I actually could see a new Trek series landing there if CBS and AMC can work out some kind of arrangement. Might be a good chance of a 6 or 13-episode series that way too...

TNT tends to shy away from science fiction after they canned Crusade awhile back and they also have their plate full with various other original dramas.

But I also think that no matter where a new Trek series lands, it will ultimately find its way to syndication as reruns...
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