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The Return of Bruce Wayne Disucssion (Spoilers)

Okay..DiDio has stated since the start of Batman R.I.P. when all the rampant speculation from fans was that Bruce was going to die. He didn't in that and in Final Crisis showed us that he was trapped in the past. Neil Gaiman's story showed us that Bruce was trapped in a cycle of birth and death (as other posters have pointed out) and Tim Drake (not calling him Wayne even though he's taken his adoptive father's name) has begun a search for Bruce not beliving him dead and has been followed by the League of Assasins and Ra's who also seems not to think him dead. Now I think Bruce is going to return eventually...I want to see him back in the present but maybe not as Batman. I mean we can't have two Batmen in Gotham can we? I would like to see Bruce maybe go the path of the mentor in Batman Beyond...

I'm curious though to what everyone else who has been following the Batbooks over the past year or so, what do you think of the current status, who do you think is going to find Bruce or when do you think Bruce will return. For myself I'm really enjoying Dick as Batman and I would like to see this run it's course for a year or so. I think Morrison will have the reigns over when Bruce comes back and it will be told at the end of his Batman and Robin run. I think Tim through the assistance of Ra's will eventually discover Bruce is not dead and enlist help to recover him, maybe the Legion of Superheroes will help or something. I can even see this occuring in next summer in a big event called The Return of Bruce Wayne (thus the inspiration of the thread title) Geoff Johns has said there will be a MAJOR Superman summer event in 2010 and everything he's done in the past three years will be leading up to...I think there should be a Batman event on the same scope.
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