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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

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... While I'm sure futuristic manufacturing techniques might well be able to fabricate surfaces that would make the smooth finish on the original 1701 look more like Valles Marinaris by comparison, contemporary eyes do expect to see more than acres of featureless metal...
I think that hits it right on the button. A surface that looks too perfect does not look real. The most subtle dimpling, whether like that on that battleship picture, or the skin of a MD-11 jetliner at the middle engine, are imperfections that suggest reality.

In the 2-D work I do (because I am mortal, not a 3-D god like Vector and deg3D - GAWD I love their work!) I like to work back in some awkwardness, that suggests real-life manufacturing limitations and compromises. Maybe my nacelle struts should be thinner and more graceful, but "I needed to make enough room for conduits" or something like that.
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