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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

It's just a normal croc at the far end of the size spectrum. I think they say it's 25 feet long in the movie. According to the trusty Internet, the record is around 28.

The croc doesn't have to wait for the tide, and doesn't a couple of times, if memory serves. But the point is that they get stuck on a little patch of land that will be almost entirely submerged once the tide comes in. So they're already in danger just by being stuck there, but they won't even be able to huddle on land and hope help arrives.

Vartan's pretty good in it, playing a character who's a little less likable than he usually plays. My wife commented that he's also in Hawthorne, which she watches, but I don't. (I can't stand Jada Pinkett Smith. )

I've also just read about The William Castle Film Collection. Whether or not you'll be excited about it depends on how many of the movies you already own. Included are:

Mr. Sardonicus
The Old Dark House
The Tingler
13 Ghosts
13 Frightened Girls!

Of those, somehow, the only one I have is The Tingler, so I'm pretty pleased about it. I'm also looking forward to finally seeing his The Old Dark House remake. I don't know how I don't have Mr. Sardonicus or 13 Ghosts, but I don't.

But some fans are annoyed that so many of these are reissues, and don't want to double-dip.
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