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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

I'm not so sure, AudioBridge. Have a look at this photo I shot while visiting the U.S.S. Wisconsin a couple weeks ago.

Not only is it generally accepted (but by no means canon) that the grids are deflector shield or force field emitters, but you'll note that a real vessel has a grid pattern visible, although in this case, you're looking at the outer plating and the structural ribbing (transverse and longitudinal frames) over which outer plating is applied.

I'd also like to bring this to Deg's and Vektor's attention because if you click on the picture and examine the larger version, the dimpling of plates against the framework is quite visible, especially in the foreground. It's as if, against the forces of nature (heat, cold, and gravity), the armored, metal skin of this titan still isn't thick enough to resist revealing the ship's skeleton. Combined with Cary's efforts to introduce a framework under the outer shape in his exercise, perhaps it might be possible devise a subtle texture that hints at this very same effect on a starship hull.

A common complaint leveled against using the original Enterprise in a modern feature is that the skin is too smooth to look realistic. While I'm sure futuristic manufacturing techniques might well be able to fabricate surfaces that would make the smooth finish on the original 1701 look more like Valles Marinaris by comparison, contemporary eyes do expect to see more than acres of featureless metal. Perhaps with the right approach to suggesting a structure that lurks beneath the skin, the visual appeal of "hobbiest" efforts could leapfrog over results currently projected on movie screens as "professional".
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