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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Broadcast networks should be a firm "no way in hell" from the very beginning

I actually wouldn't rule out My Network TV or even first-run syndication again
This thread/poll is for a first-run new series. I hadn't thought of it being syndicated in the USA but instead on one network nationwide.
We know a new TV Trek series eventually will happen probably 6 months after Star Trek XIII is released in theaters around 2013. I would really love to see it on subscription-based premium television doing a 13-episode run with high quality written episodes and the time taken like The Sopranos or Mad Men. I just seriously doubt it will happen like that. While we all want more Trek how many of us would be happy with a 13-episode series? Sure Paramount/CBS Home Video would sell a Blu-ray/DVD at the same cost for a season but we would buy it.
I did not include the cable channels AMC or TNT as I don't think it would happen there either.

CBS isn't going to happen because we all know where the buck stops within that organisation.
I agree with you ChristopherPike.
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