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Re: Problems with the "Swine flu vaccine"

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What does "quasi-corrupt" mean? Something is either corrupt or it isn't. Or does it just mean you want an adjective to throw in there?
I meant it as in sometimes peeps there are able to do their jobs correctly, and sometimes not, depending on the department, the political and economic pressures, and the individuals involved. Gonna get all black & white on me? Okay, it's corrupt, as is every governmental agency AND every government on the planet. is that better for ya?
Which means that the check on both the megas *and* the FDA is the press
The press hates reporting on technical stuff that the public has no training to understand, they like "Peeps killed/peeps saved" stories. So, yeah, the press is there, and they do some good stuff, but as to precisely what vaccines do & don't do, they are useless until peeps start dying IMO. If most doctors have so little understanding of the field they're in, why put any faith in the FDA or the WHO or the press is what I'm wondering.
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