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Re: Problems with the "Swine flu vaccine"

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Any vaccine that presents a significant danger would not be allowed to remain in use by the FDA.
Ho boy, my first visit to this area & what do I see? Trust in quasi-corrupt agencies.
What does "quasi-corrupt" mean? Something is either corrupt or it isn't. Or does it just mean you want an adjective to throw in there?

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You're right to an extent, though----no agency should be trusted to do its job simply because that *is* it's job. Agencies should be trusted to do what's best for the agency. Which means that the check on both the megas *and* the FDA is the press----bad PR is bad for everyone except the press, who see it as a field day.

So if there's something wrong going on, please provide a link to something the press has said about it, which contains more substance than the vague concerns voiced in the original article (which is more about past events than future).
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