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Re: Problems with the "Swine flu vaccine"

Lindley wrote: View Post
Any vaccine that presents a significant danger would not be allowed to remain in use by the FDA.
Ho boy, my first visit to this area & what do I see? Trust in quasi-corrupt agencies.
JustAFriend wrote: View Post
You can delude yourself about vaccinations but that's the main reason that people only lived to 40 years old up until the start of the 20th century....
Oh, I thought it was general sanitary conditions, silly me!

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
The last thing vaccine manufacturers want is a bad vaccine that will kill a bunch of people. They know damn well it would be a PR nightmare, and in future years fewer people would get vaccinated for fear of a repeat. It's not in their interest to push bad vaccines.
Big Pharm, like any other governmental agency, knows that people remember nothing. Mention the Bhopal accident to anyone and watch them go, "What?"
Time heals all PR problems.
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