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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post

It's bigger than I expected!

A larger-than life explosion of enegy--I would pay THROUGH THE NOSE to see that on the big screen!

My compliments.
I'm in full agreement with Mr Limborg on this. Seeing a Galor actually move like a warship instead of wallowing dead in space hardly firing(Sacrifice of angels, I'm looking at you...) is a very welcome surprise.

As to Berat's tactics I am assuming that there is a reason for the lighting strike and shockwave attack on the shipyard (it's more effective than orbital bombardment after all) and I may have some idea what the CUW Sheruok will do next but I'll wait until the next exciting installment to confirm my suspicions...

Speaking of suspicious, I wonder if the Hidekiy attack ship was supposed to explode like that?

(by Oralius I love seeing the Cardassians in action righteously kicking arse)
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