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Re: Aurora Class Slipstream Prototype

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Here's a render for the deflector area

I'm kind of wondering if this is the best way to go, but I really want to stay away from a Dauntless deflector as hard as possible. Suggestions, anyone?
I have long thought that experimental, Dauntless-like future-trek hyperships should take a more organic look to their navi-deflector, sensor and phaser arrays. I favor something that looks partially like an organic, crack-like orifice, and part like an symmetrical network of viens on the hull's surface. I could see some of the texture coming from Gomtuu of TNG's "Tin Man", and maybe some of the glowing vieny texture of the infected Starship Victory expeditionary team (TNG's "Identity Crisis").

It could be that as the Federation grew in the TNG era, Starfleet acquired new technologies and shipbuilding methods from a growing pool of member-species, allies and trading partners. It could also be that the Federation learned how to reverse-engineer recovered bits of Borg crash-wreckage in the Argolis Cluster. As a result, future-trek ships would begin to take on a strange quasi-organic appearance.
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