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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

The conference room scene was overly long, much of the dialogue was verbose and overwritten, and there were issues of unintentional borrowing from another source which I refuse to discuss here but were of primary concern to me when I understood what they were and how they happened. I think a little bit of everything went wrong with the scene on the stage as well, and in the end the way that it was originally written and edited together just wasn't usable let alone nearly good enough for the show. Jimm has a real good sense of this kind of thing, and he along with several others worked and reedited and reshot and god-knows-what all quite a number of times before they could make it work at all.

It was probably the biggest hurdle Exeter has had to overcome to get this episode finished, and it sure was not my proudest moment as a writer.

Moving on, now.
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