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Re: Lost SPOILERS Frozen Donkey Wheel!

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new spoilers/updates:

-Lost's Nestor Carbonell will finally be a series regular next season. "I'm moving my whole family to Hawaii next week," Nestor tells me. "This whole time I've been flying back and forth, but now I'll be living on the island with the others. They tell me I'll be in 16 of the 18 episodes." Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof say his backstory will take a significant time to reveal. Adds the actor: "Obviously Richard doesn't age, so I'm most curious to know how old he is and if he's in fact pulling the strings.
This is the best news I have read in some time. I don't normally read alot of spoliers, but I just looked up Nestor Carbonell in reference to the Sawyer turning 40 thread, and read this in his profile on Wikipedia. So I came to this thread to see if it was posted here too.

This is SOOOOO frakkin' awesome. Richard Alpert has been a favorite of mine for a really long time....and as LOST draws to a close, I can see how they would really need alot of screentime for him, since he's been on the Island for, like, EVER and there is so much mystery surrounding him.

Now I feel justified in placing him among my top 3 favorite characters in LOST, despite the fact that he was only recurring.

I am TOTALLY jazzed about this. Richard rocks!
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