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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Starbase Raptor Wants You!

Starbase 13 / Raptor -
A member of: Raptor Fleet -
Ages: 13+
Open Positions: Now hiring all departments, including Civilian!
Species: We aim to be a diverse simm with Brikar, Syrath, Sauroids, Sti'ach, Edosians, Arkenites, and more.

Competition description and rules:
The Guidelines are simple. Join Raptor Fleet between August and November of 2009 and you automatically enter the draw. Draw closes: December 1, 2009 The overall winner will be determined by the contributions made to Raptor Fleet. Post Quality and Quantity, participation in fleet discussions, forum participation and Bonus points if you recruit a friend to Raptor Fleet. If you have any questions regarding this competition, please don't hesitate to email the Competition Team:

Raptor Fleet was once a well-established and respected Star Trek role playing game, playing by both email and forum. Raptor Fleet has recently reformed and is back under new management. We currently consist of four starships and one starbase. We have no intention of adding any new ships to our fleet at this time, although we are always happy to welcome already established ships to join us.

We don't want to recruit too fast, and have numerous ships within our fleet. The thing that sets Raptor Fleet apart from others is that we are a friendly community of writers and strive to avoid game politics interfering in gaming. In addition, we try to find incentives for our players to get involved and stay active!

Or Fleet Staff consists of basic positions. This was intentional. We find that too many fleet staff members tends to lead to many arguments and bickering about who holds the most authority or who has the most pips. Raptor Fleet is run by the Command Council, which consists of the Fleet stand and commanding officers, with the Fleet Commander acting as the council head. We maintain a fleet Constitution that was voted into law by this Command Council of players.

The other thing that sets Raptor Fleet apart is that we have joined the figtht against child abuse. For every donation we receive we donate $1.00 towards an organisation that supports this fight.

Whether you're a civilian or a department head we appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions received by our members. In fact, any suggestions we receive are presented to the Command Council for a vote, with a majority vote responsible for the final decision.

Lastly, we value our players and want to thank them for participating. This is why we are introducing real competitions with real prizes! Visit our site and read more!

Here Are A Few Links To Get You Started With What Raptor Fleet Has To Offer:

Sign your site up for the Raptor Fleet Topsite list:
JOIN RAPTOR FLEET TODAY & WIN! For more information, please visit:

Vist Raptor Fleet's Base of Fleet Operations: Starbase Raptor - (Jupiter Class)
Visit the USS Destiny - (Nebula Class)
Visit the USS Carpathia - (Intrepid Class)
Visit the USS Paris: (Sovereign Class)
Visit the USS Neptune: (Prometheus Class)

Read Raptor Fleet's Constitution:
Read about our Fight against Child Abuse:
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