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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Hadn't it already been established by this point that Seven gets wrecked by sythahol unlike normal humans?
Yeah, I think that was stated in Timeless. So I guess they could have had a hangover scene if they really wanted.

Frazzled wrote: View Post
Going to try to see that asap!!
You should, I watched all of Red Dwarf season 4 over the last few days and it was very good.

Nightingale (*˝)

Guess what, everybody?! It's a Harry Kim episode, and this time he's determined to let it known that he's not a naive ensign... again. It is really going to change his character, from this episode on he is going to be a completely different guy. Just wait and see.

ICHEB: I noticed a charge imbalance in the EPS feed. I'm sorry if I...
TORRES: It could have taken us hours to find that.
This is a good direction to go in with Icheb's character, how can you not love a boy genius who can fix things that experienced officers can't? Star Trek audiences adore that kind of thing.

SEVEN: The Borg value efficiency, not redundancy.
KIM: I've got a hunch about this nebula. There's dilithium in there somewhere.
After being captured by a complete doofus last week, Janeway has allowed Kim and Seven out in the Delta Flyer again? Did Kim not prove that he's incompetent already this month?

KIM: I know I can do this, and the Kraylor are giving me a chance to prove it.
JANEWAY: I want you to take Seven. Since she has no rank, you clearly outrank her.
I guess not.

NEELIX: If you're going to be a Captain you have to act like a Captain. Never admit you're uncertain, about anything. You can't be indecisive in front of your crew.
KIM: It's just a snack, Neelix.
NEELIX: When Captain Janeway comes in here, she knows exactly what she wants.
There are many reasons why I would make a lousy starship captain, my complete disregard for human life being a major one. The fact that I sometimes take a few minutes to decide what I'm going to eat in a restaurant is not one of them.

SEVEN: Are you abandoning this ship because the mission wasn't what you expected, or because being a Captain wasn't what you expected?
Lolwut? He's abandoning the mission because he found out that the crew were lying to him and they were secretly transporting military technology rather than medical supplies. Not only is it illegal for Kim to have gotten involved, it is also highly immoral, the natural course of action is for him to leave the ship and not assist any further. Who is writing this crap?

André Bormanis? The science consultant? The guy whose primary role was to replace [tech] in the scripts with meaningless technobabble? The guy who let the scientific nonsense in episodes like Threshold and Macrocosm pass? He has been brought onto the staff as a writer?! Well that explains this:
KIM: What's the field polarity?
DAYLA: Two hundred six point four.
KIM: That's too low. We're going to have to raise it.
DAYLA: I'm bypassing the phase converter.
KIM: No, wait, I didn't tell you to do that.
DAYLA: Won't that increase the field polarity?
KIM: Yes, but... Listen to me carefully. I want you to try...
SHEPHERD: Dayla, it's Shepherd Book, take the warp core offline.
KIM: What are you talking about?
SHEPHERD: Bypass the driver coil and shunt power directly to the polaron matrix.
TEREK: The cloak is back online.
KIM: Get your people into the pods, quickly.
SHEPHERD: But the cloak.
KIM: I've got a plan to save it. If I fail, at least the scientist who designed it will be alive to create another one.
But it doesn't work! The "bad guys" (who actually seem more like the good guys from what I've seen) have developed a method of detecting the cloak and that's how the found Kim's ship and started blowing up it up real good. There is little value to having the cloak because the other guys already have an effective way of countering it! How could the writer not have been paying attention to the plot of his own episode?

NEELIX: I thought we talked about this. A Captain has to be deci-...
KIM: I'm not a Captain, Neelix. Not yet, anyway.
The first time I saw this episode I was sure the episode would end with the reveal that Kim had been promoted to Lieutenant JG. Nope, the status quo was maintained.
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