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Re: Nero: "It happened! I saw it happen..."

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"...I watched it happen! Don't tell me it didn't happen!"

The overuse of the word "happen" in this sequence of dialogue makes me laugh like nothing else.

A friend of mine suggested that this was a pattern in the film, things being repeated in different ways for emphasis for the slow and stupid among the viewers...(cf. the sequence about the "alternate universe" between nuSpock etc. later).
Not having seen the movie, is there any chance that the repeating of the wording is supposed to convey a severe emotional state, same as FAR BEYOND THE STARS, DS9's Sisko in the 1950s thing, when he keeps saying he made it, he created it, it was his, talking about his sf story as they are coming to take him away?

Alternately, it is in keeping with the redundancy of TMP's need to tell people that the thing is x minutes away from earth every scene.

For something approaching subtlety, you probably need the 'days instead of hours' code from TWOK, which I found people still not getting years later, even after seeing the movie time after time on video, when all they needed to do was pay attention to the way Shatner's 'Captain Spock' line leading into the exchange sounded a bit off the first time they saw it.

Oh and based on his 'fire everything' line, it sounds like Bana is doing West Coast California English, not 'you might be a redneck' English.
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