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Re: Rachel McAdams: Genre babe of the week #34 (Aug. 2009)

Daneel wrote: View Post
Aragorn, is there a certain number of women who need to be in the playoffs, or is it just anyone who gets higher than... what, 75%? 80%?
Top 16... unless some of those 16 have very few votes (since that makes their percentages skewed), then I invoke my fuzzy math.

Othello wrote: View Post
Can we get a "if the playoffs started today" update in a separate thread maybe?? Kinda like they do on Sports Center for the playoffs...
If the playoffs started today...

Amy Adams
Lynda Carter
Jennifer Connelly
Eliza Dushku
Anna Friel
Carla Gugino
Scarlett Johansson
Lucy Lawless
Josie Maran
Rachel McAdams
Jennifer Morrison
Amanda Righetti
Emmy Rossum
Jeri Ryan
Zoe Saldana
Olivia Wilde

I suspect that at least two won't make it, maybe three.

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
Perhaps Sideways should not count as = to Down?

How drastic would it be Aragorn if Sideways was neutral in the compositing of the scores? Would it drastically inflate too many contenders?
Last year Leslie Bibb was just over 47%. If the sidways vote didn't count, she'd be at 82%.

There was a debate for how the ratings system would work during year one in 2006, but most people just liked it the way it is. You look at the poll, see what the percentage of thumbs up votes are, and that's the rating. Very simple.

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
She doesn't seem to like bikinis, though.
I found one bikini pic of her, but since she was only wearing half of a bikini, the mods probably wouldn't like it being posted here.
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