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Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
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Re: Nero: "It happened! I saw it happen..."

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I know that I KNOW this line, but where is it from? Now that I have read it, it is driving me mad.
Troi in First Contact, I think. She's a bit sloshed at the time.
Dammit! I was trying to give a subtle hint and see if Sector 7 would get it.

Oh, well.
I plead the lateness of the hour - I don't recall whether that was before or after the spam attack. Anyway, I wasn't at my sharpest and it wasn't until some time afterward that your hint clicked into place for me.
"Recently my 8 year-old cousin asked me, with a wicked twinkle in his eye, if I'd ever microwaved a banana. I'm terrified to try, but I'm sure whatever happens—splattering, abrupt, radioactive—sounds exactly like an Annie Clark guitar solo."
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