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Re: Problems with the "Swine flu vaccine"

Claiming the link to Autism and other neurological damage was proven false is false itself. You are choosing the words of one bunch of scientists over another bunch. It would be absolutely ridiculous to just presume that vaccines are safe because a bunch of scientists say they found no link, the fact that some scientists say otherwise and vaccines are full of chemicals proven to be toxic is a huge whopping flashing red light.

Yes I know I linked to the OPs link because it's a very valid link and valid proof so I re-linked to it to emphasize it.

In regards to any compound that has ethanol contained within it then you're damn right it's toxic to Humans. Since when has any form of ethanol been good for humans? (Alcohol isn't even safe really). It doesn't matter about the odd atom here or there the fact is it's still ethanol and beyond alcohol it becomes more and more toxic.

Pump all this into a child or a baby in a womb and do you really think it wont cause neurological damage?
The link I provided you about Mercury shows Mercury immediately destroys brain neurons on contact.

Fresh Link.
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