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Re: Problems with the "Swine flu vaccine"

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What does my opinion on Vaccines have to do with TNZ?
Because that's where this horseshit without any scientific basis belongs.

You always make these statements without backing them up with any reputable sources. This is not the first time you've done this, either.

I come to SciTech to have interesting discussions about actual science and technology, and you are always bringing in whacked-out conspiracy theories you can't provide a shred of proof for.

Your threads about impractical scientific fantasies, like the pyramid thing, I don't really mind so much. At least there is some scientific content there, marginal as it is. But if you're going to come in here and claim vaccines are part of a conspiracy to kill people or make them stupid, you'd best bring some proof or you're just going to get called out and ridiculed for it.
What does my opinion on Vaccines have to do with TNZ?
TNZ has very low standards for discussion, obviously.

I'm entitled to such an opinion and if you don't like it, rather than cry about it, ignore it instead.
Opinions have no place in science.

You do realize the Thimerosal-autism link proved to be bullshit, right?

And you just relinked the OP's article...

Other additives in vaccines such as formaldehyde, 2-phenoxyethanol (not too far distant from antifreeze) and aluminum salts are also unlikely to be good for the human body.
You are misinformed about formaldehyde.

Saying a chemical is "not too distant" from some other toxic chemical is very deceptive. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste product of respiration, and is not typically dangerous to humans. Carbon monoxide differs by a single atom, and yet it is potently lethal to humans. How similar one chemical is to others is irrelevant--their effect on humans varies widely.

Those are just the chemicals we know about. What else is thrown in there is the ultimate question.
It's not that hard to find out what's in vaccines, you know. Go look it up. Or ask your doctor for an information pamphlet on whatever vaccine you're concerned about. They have to disclose what the ingredients are.

Imagine vaccines with the toxins we know about being injected into children or pregnant women and the damage done would be irreversible. Neurological damage done to the baby whilst it's still in the womb.
Show me that damage is being caused by vaccines in more than a handful of isolated cases. Go on, show me.
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