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Star Trek: Enterprise seasons Blu-ray spec. features

M'Sharak brought up this article
the entire high-def library of Star Trek interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and special material filmed by Toolbox over the past 20 years.
Is Toolbox the company that shot all of the footage use in the Enterprise DVD special features in widescreen [16:9 video] between 2001-2005? It didn't quite look like HD but maybe it was?
I'm also going to say that most of that TNG, DS9, VOY footage would be in standard definition 4:3 from 1987-2001.

I mention it as this project is ongoing but when the Enterprise complete series comes out on Blu-ray will the special features have stuff in HD? Do you guys think Paramount Home video will actually come up with some new HD special features to sell the Blu-ray sets other than some audio commentaries?
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