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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Body and Soul (*)

Maybe it shows the low regard I have for people (including myself), but if a man were to be transferred into the body of a woman he is attracted to then then I have a hard time believing that the naughtiest thing he'd do would be to eat a second piece of cheesecake.

There's so much potential in the concept of this episode, but rather than exploring the issues of someone taking over the body of another person and abusing it, it turns into a romantic comedy with hi-larious results. And once the ordeal is over Seven lets the whole thing slide and now they're better friends than ever before. As for captain Ranek, he comes across as a complete buffoon so now I have to rationalise how he managed to capture the three of them in the first place.

Where's the negative things about being human? I watched the episode two days ago so maybe I've forgotten, but the only painful thing to happen to Shmully in Seven's body was a shoulder spasm which quickly went away. Being human isn't all cheesecake and champagne, I know that sythahol is a magical substance which gets rid of the negative effects of alcohol, but Shmully really should have had to suffer through a hangover.

On the same day that I watched this episode I watched an episode of Red Dwarf called DNA. In that episode the mechanoid Kryten is turned into a human, but he is so off-put by how ugly his penis is that he decided to turn back into a mechanoid. That was a better exploration of a similar issue, in my opinion.
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