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Re: District 9 - Review, Discuss, Commentary ***SPOILERS*** possible

I decided to go ahead and rate this one 'excellent'. The movie was well made. I'm surprised that it only cost $30 million. I guess it can be done. Makes me wonder why everything else costs close to $200 million.

- At the beginning, I thought the movie was overly raw and distgusting, but as it progressed, the film's heart came through and the disgust went away. And I too felt more sympathy for the Prawns in the end. They did a good job of portraying them as dirty animals at the start, then ultimately "humanizing" them in a very significant way through that one character.

- Switching from documentary style to full-on movie style, then back to documantary style was a bit awkward.

- I was surprised that they threw in an "Iron Man" sequence. It was a bit clichéd, but good. At least the suit wasn't totally indestructible.
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