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Re: Rachel McAdams: Genre babe of the week #34 (Aug. 2009)

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yeah, that's pretty messed up. Then again, this board's demographics make for some intersting choices sometimes. You'd think it would result in 3 thumbs up for anything remotely female, but sometimes the results are just odd.

Honestly, if you're voting "down" or "sideways" on this girl, I'd LOVE to see what you're taking home instead, because she's georgous! And not only that, but has a pretty high degree of the 'could happen/ available girl" obtainability, as opposed to a generic, out of reach supermodel.
Well, that's not the standard I use though. I'm probably "looser" with thumbs-up-votes than most people here (I'm seldom not voting thumbs-up) but even my standard in these polls is not whether or not I'd "hit it", but how the woman in the picture stands up to "Hollywood babe" standards.
I'm almost certain there hasn't been a single "genre babe of the week" that I'd "reject" if I had the choice, and I'd guess that's the case for most people here. But that's not what these polls are about imo.

eta: anyway, some people are peculiar and for example just vote "down" for anyone who's blonde, so don't let the stupidity of TrekBBS get to you...
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