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Re: Whale Wars

Yeah, learn your programming better

Although it does seem like a Discover Channel-type program.

Honestly, they do intentionally stir up controversy, but there's no real other way to stop whaling without controversy. I don't always support their tactics, but, then again, I don't condemn them. I do sometimes wonder if they do things for publicity (I have slight suspicions that the anthrax thing could have been faked), but they don't really have to try hard to create negative publicity for the whalers. All they have to do is have some cameras on board, since things don't look good for the Japanese.

Considering the forum we're in, I wonder if it's possible to discuss this just as a drama. It might not be possible considering it isn't fiction and there is significant controversy connected to it, but, it's really interesting how this season has managed to be entertaining even when they aren't in contact with the Japanese. It seems hard to even script fiction as well-paced as this season has been.
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