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Re: Nero: "It happened! I saw it happen..."

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I also thought the "emotionally compromised" idea being repeated by both Spocks was strange. Even though they were both discussing the regulation about command fitness, the exact duplication of wording seemed awkward.
They weren't just discussing the regulation, they were quoting and paraphrasing from it. Use of the same wording makes perfect sense.

As for Nero's "happen"s, well, have none of you ever been upset enough to lose the use of your internal thesaurus? And Nero doesn't strike me as a particularly well-educated guy in the first place - his thesaurus might not have a lot in it in the first place. So while it could have been a device to make sure the audience got it, it could have just been good in-character writing. Or BOTH, since it was Nero's emotional intention that Pike most emphatically got it.
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