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Whale Wars

I don't know if anyone is watching this show, but I'd highly recommend it. It's a documentary by Animal Planet that follows an organization called the Sea Shepherds who try and stop the Japanese from whaling inside the Australian whale sanctuary in the Antarctic.

It's honestly compelling drama, even though much doesn't happen in each episode (there's an early episode where they just spend most of the time not trying to get crushed by ice in the Antarctic. Things have picked up the last couple of episodes, though.

If you aren't dead set against whaling or even if you didn't know that whaling still went on and is such a major concern, I'd definitely recommend watching the latest episode (it just aired, but they'll reair it a lot and it's available on demand if you have comcast). I should warn you ahead of time that it's flat out disturbing. The whalers chase, harpoon, kill, and cut up whales in front of the camera and there's not much that could be done to stop it. The season finale is next week. I guess I could find out what they did, but I think it's more compelling to watch the footage of their actions. If you haven't seen this show before, I'd definitely recommend you watch next week.
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