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Re: District 9 - Review, Discuss, Commentary ***SPOILERS*** possible

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I'd explain it again, but then you'd whine and bitch about how using ugly aliens as stand-ins for black people isn't doing them justice, even when the conclusion leaves the audience second-guessing their own personal prejudices and hatreds.
I never said using aliens instead of humans was the problem. I never even said that the core narrative or characters of the film had to change. As I said in my last response:
"I found the character interactions to be quite moving. There is value to its central commentary about how humanity treats people who are different ... The film didn't have to be about South African Apartheid, but it did have to at least explicitly confront the issue somewhere in its narrative."
The story is, generally, a good one. But for a story to be taken seriously it has to take its subject matter seriously. The film still works as a solid character-driven, morality tale with action thrown in for good measure. But considering the setting and nature of the narrative, ignoring South African Apartheid undermines the film's legitimacy as a "serious" film.

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Also, the director grew-up in apartheid-era South Africa. Saying that he does apartheid a disservice isn't far removed from claiming that a Holocaust survivor "exaggerates things a bit." What the fuck would you know?
I'm fully aware of Blomkamp's origins. That fact alone doesn't mean he couldn't have made a gross miscalculation in how he chose to frame his movie. How many American filmmakers have misrepresented, glossed over, or simply ignored difficult portions of U.S. history? It happens. And I believe it happened with D9.

Besides, I'm not being critical of his representation of Apartheid vis-a-vis the aliens and humans. I've already said, a couple of times now, those elements of the film work very well. I'm critical of him leaving out the historical context.

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