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Re: Bleeding orange and green...or what?

Memory-Alpha says that Cardassian blood is brown, but it can't always be relied on, despite the fact that it's the best source. And a bit off-topic, but in response to what someone had said prior: I agree, about the smiling, etc; it doesn't seem real for them to be like humans in that way, unless they could explain it as cultural things like that, kissing, etc, being a humanoid thing caused by the Progenitors - though that really doesn't make sense. Some ancient Earth civilisations didn't have smiling as an expression of joy, I believe. This all sounds like a jumble, I bet. >_<

And that looks like it hurt, Marie1. D: Hopefully it doesn't hurt anymore.

(Finally something I can post in; still in the middle of Season 3, lol).
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