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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Farragut is one that comes to mind, which from their FAQ: "The project headquarters is located in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area"
I got the tour of the "Farragut headquarters" last night. I wanted to move into the basement.
But I thought Farragut moved to a studio in St. Mary's, Georgia. So, Dennis, were you in Georgia or DC? Or were you at a Farragut producer's home in DC and used his transporter to visit the Bridge of Farragut in Georgia? Can you tell us more? Did you pitch a story? Your script for Exeter's "The Tressaurian" is AMAZING! I really find it to be a true-to-the-original-series kind of story. (Note my attempt to get us back on topic, while asking for more info about Farragut!)

I'm sure your friends at Exeter will be jealous when you tell them that Broughton has a working transporter in his basement! (Note my second attempt to get us back on the topic of Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?)

I'd be more intereseted in moving onto the Bridge than into the basement.
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