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Re: Bleeding orange and green...or what?

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What's common? Bruises/scars appearing purple? Or am I misreading you?
Bruises/scars being purple. A lot of umm... parts, of non-white people are purple, when on a white person, they'd be pink. That includes scars and bruises, in my case...
My experience has been that it's more of a dark brown, but that could just be a different in terminology. Which makes sense, as my understanding was it's just a melanin concentration issue--with the skin simply not being transparent enough to visual wavelengths for the blood to reflect light to our eyes.

My girlfriend of Korean-American (German-Jewish-muttish) descent has pinkish scars that veer toward the purple, I suppose, but I've never given it that much thought. My scars tend to be white--probably showing that the melanin concentration in the incorrectly reconstructed skin tissue is lower. Her scars also tend to be hypertrophic, with raised deposits of collagen, while mine tend to heal flat.

To complicate things, in TrekLit- Jem'Hadar have amber blood, in the show, it was that same dark colour as Garaks...
Amber? Geez. Do they bother to name a chemical? Pink (Klingon?) blood is hemerythin, also iron-based... I think vanabins are orange... what would make golden yellow?

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