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Re: District 9 - Review, Discuss, Commentary ***SPOILERS*** possible

Samuel Walters wrote: View Post
Yeah, this was a decent sci-fi flick as far as action, setting, and VFX are concerned. Blomkamp clearly has a measure of skill at his craft. But, for my part, the glaring neglect of the real-world Apartheid in South Africa (which was still there when the aliens arrived) undermines the film's legitimacy and integrity.
Um, I'd think that it's understandable that everyone on the planet would be distracted from the man-on-man Apartheid when ALIENS LAND ON THE FUCKING EARTH. Besides, after 28 years, things go back to normal pretty fast, so it's not as if they take the stage entirely.

I honestly don't understand this point. What the fuck did you want them to do? They were addressing actual apartheid, through the use of alien stand-ins. If they did actual apartheid, a lot of people wouldn't bother even seeing it. Using aliens draws more people into dealing with concepts that they otherwise wouldn't give two fucks over if they saw actual black people being treated this way.

It's called literary allusion. Look it up.
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