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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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They’re not photon tubes, they are “Wyvern cannons,” a kind of cross between the Defiant’s pulse phasers and the huge phaser cannon on the Enterprise-D from the TNG finale. The heavy armaments are consistent with its mission profile, which requires a ship capable of single-handedly projecting the power of an ordinary task force of two or three ships. It has a couple of other surprises along those lines in store as well.
Oh... Can you make a ship that's all atriums, observation decks, and amphitheatres (with puppets)?
That's the Enterprise -D.

I like the stacked escape pods concept for keeping the number of external hatches down.
This runs into the same problem as shuttlebay only escape. If the first pod in the system jams for some reason, all the pods behind it are doomed. Sea going vessels avoid this for the same reason.
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