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District 9 - Review, Discuss, Commentary ***SPOILERS*** possible

Taking my cue from the anticipation thread I'm going to start a thread for discussion on District 9.

I saw this at a sneak last night and thought it was a pretty good movie.
It gets 3/4 stars or Above Average.

Its not terribly original but it tales a good story using plenty of elements you've seen before. Granted its tough to be "new" when so much as been done and I give this film credit for combining so much in a way that it doesn't feel spliced together but that it is its own thing.

You will find elements of Independece Day(right there on the poster), The Fly, Alien Nation, and Schindlers List. Some may see more.

I found that as I watched the movie my feelings for who I was rooting for changed during the course of the movie. It is telling a social message about what we as an overall society have done to each other thru the centuries.

I recommend it as a movie you'll get your price of admission for. I can't say for certain that its a movie I must own when it comes out. A second viewing will help me more.

Other early poster commentary.
Samuel Walters:
Just saw a midnight showing. It's got some serious oversight problems, conceptually speaking. But on a technical standpoint (cinematography, VFX, action, characterization) it works fairly well.
Jackson Archer:
Just came back from a midnight showing. District 9 is easily one of the best films I've seen all year, and along with Star Trek and Moon, it's been one hellueva year for sci-fi.
Metal Pants:
Saw it myself. I don't think it is an "OMFG go see teh movie it rox!!!!1111" type of thing, but yeah, a good flick. worth the price of admission.
I caught the midnight showing as well ... lots of talent at work in the movie. The director is clearly somebody we should have on our radar, and the guy who played Wikus was quite good. But the movie was also disappointing overall. It tried to do too many things and in the process was unable to do any of them very well. Perhaps on a second viewing, things will be more clear. But after digesting things, at present, I'm giving it 2/4 stars.
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