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Re: Romulan questions

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The TPB will contain the Alien Spotlight, an exclusive Romulan point-of-view adaptation of Balance of Terror, The Hollow Crown and Schism.
I hadn't heard about the BoT adaptation. Interesting. Kind of like Blood Will Tell with Romulans. (Green Blood Will Tell?)

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If this helps at all, a little timeline (I've not read Vanguard yet so taking the Vrax info as described by others):
  • 2265:Vrax is Praetor per Vanguard
  • unseen: Vrax is killed by his son "Smirky" who takes the Praetorship
  • late-2265/early-2266: Edginton Alien Spotlight, featuring tests of "ghost ships" in Romulan space
  • 2266: Byrne's Alien Spotlight, ghost ship development appears to be complete, leading straight into Balance of Terror
Vrax is mentioned in Vanguard: Summon the Thunder. That's six weeks before Reap the Whirlwind, which is in 2266; so StT has to be in late November '65 at the very earliest. So if it is possible to fit the IDW comics and VNG into the same continuity, then the Edginton Romulans would have to be early '66.

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"Was" in Volume 2?

That reprint omnibus hasn't even been published yet, as "Alien Spotlight: Cardassians" isn't due out as an individual issue until September.
As 8 of 5 says, the term "volume" refers to a particular group of issues of a periodical, not just to a book-bound collection. Many magazines or journals have annual volumes. For instance, the July 2009 Scientific American is Volume 301, Number 1. Since this is the second distinct 6-issue run of Alien Spotlight, it is Volume 2, even when published in individual issues.
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