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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

@ Anyone with problems: A politely-meant reminder to post a decent list of system specs alongside your problem ( CPU type/model + speed, Amount of Ram, HD space Used/Free, Graphics Chip/Card type/Model + Ram amount, Operating System and any Service Packs installed. Graphics Drivers too... though anyone playing with a non-ATI/ NVidia card, you'd be best start running for the hills

Anyhow, nuff' of the patronising, onto my problem.

Have Star Trek: New Worlds, occasionally pop it in for a play BUT now that I've Windows Vista SP1 on the laptop, it won't function under any compatibility mode. The movies work, the menu loads but if I attempt to start a game it'll typically display an "Abnormal Program error" With the pop-up box header "Microsoft Runtime C++ library"...

It's damned irritating.. does anyone have any pointers/ ideas? I know it's a billion light-year long shot, but still...

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0 Ghz
GPU: ATI Mobility RadeonHD 3470 256 Ram (1536mb Hypermemory)
OS: Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 1

Blu-Ray Drive,
Current ATI Radeon Drivers... modded by DriverHeaven (Helpfully :P )

*Sigh* Any takers for this one... or any of the above problems?
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