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Re: Bleeding orange and green...or what?

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
OK...I'd say that pic of Garak getting punched in the mouth settles it conclusively, that Cardassian blood must be red.

Thanks, guys!
Oops, didn't past Kate's post. I guess deducing that it's red was a bit of a waste of time then.

Timo wrote: View Post
FWIW, Cardassian women seem to prefer red lipstick...
But since I'm in rant mode, I want to say that the apparently universal love of red lipstick is downright weird. Crimson lipstick on a Vulcan is the equivalent of emerald lipstick on a human--whether it's attractive or not is debatable, but there's a reason why green lipstick would not just be striking, but jarring. Lipstick is a sexual ornament. I figure that's why, classically, the colors up here and down there tend to complement.

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