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Re: Romulan questions

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So it is the end then? The stuff on Memory Beta said several sequels, so I thought there might be more after Schims.
Memory Alpha calls Schism the conclusion. And since the usual trade paperback collection is 5-6 issues, I'd imagine that after the success of Byrne's first two Romulan stories, IDW probably commissioned Schism specifically in order to fill out the story enough to give it a full TPB of its own.
This is the end so far as Byrne has mentioned. The whole Romulans saga basically takes the Romulan-Klingon Alliance from birth to death. The TPB will contain the Alien Spotlight, an exclusive Romulan point-of-view adaptation of Balance of Terror, The Hollow Crown and Schism.

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Actually, this was a question I was wondering about while a couple of us were referencing different Alien Spotlight stories. Is the Romulan Praetor in Byrne's Alien Spotlight the same as the one in the 2009 version of the comic with the same name? For that matter, is it even remotely close to the Romulan leadership in "The Hollow Crown"? I took a look at the artwork in the Hollow Crown, and there seemed to be a difference.
Hollow Crown shows the fall of the Praetor from the Alien Spotlights, but it's the same one to start with. The more recent Alien Spotlight is that same Praetor, Ian Edginton commented on it in a recent interview in the Star Trek magazine.

In the same article he suggested his Alien Spotlight takes place four or five years before The Hollow Crown. However there aren't any date references in the comic and Memory Beta's chronology takes into account the recent appointment of the praetor following his father as suggest in the earlier Alien Spotlight (and working with the idea the praetor in Vanguard is the father praetor) so places it relatively close to Byrne’s Alien Spotlight.

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These stories really could do with more distinctive titles...
Yes! With the exception of the first Romulan Alien Spotlight the Byrne comics are of the minority IDW Trek that actually get individual issue titles!

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Now my next question is do the Romulan stories have any connections to the Year Four series? And do either of those have a connection to the Mission's End miniseries?
The first Year Four series was entirely stand-alone stories, the second, The Enterprise Experiment, does have a plot with the Romulans, however if anything it seems to contradict the Byrne Romulans stories. The Enterprise Experiment suggests the Klingons had previously sold a few ships to the Romulans but that their Alliance proper wasn't started until the Year Four period, while Byrne's Romulans shows the Alliance forming before even Balance of Terror.
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