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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Critical Care was an episode that when it originally aired back in 2001 I wasn't all that interested in. Flash forward 8 years and I think it is a really good one and given the heated debate over reformation of the US healthcare system appropriately timed.
I had a similar experience, I didn't think much of it when it first aired, but after the ordeal I went through just to have a 10 minute procedure to correct my in-grown toenail, my annoyance at the bureaucracy of medicine caused me to enjoy the episode more.

Inside Man (**)

There are several times where I've said that Robert Picardo's performance sold me on a bad episode, well Dwight Schultz almost manages that here. I think there is an interesting comparison to be had here with Barclay's first appearance on TNG; back then the real Barclay could only act confident with holograms designed by him, whereas here Barclay has created a confident hologram of himself designed to interact with real people. This could lead to an interesting psychoanalysis of the character.

Wait, no, it's all part of an asinine plot by the Ferengi.

There are many things to complain about with this episode, but the thing which sticks out for me is how stupid it makes the Voyager characters seem. If it wasn't for the actions of Starfleet Command then the crew of Voyager would have been outsmarted by the Ferengi because nobody thought to analyse whether the new shield frequency really would work with the anti-radiation medicine. The only reason they even bothered studying the Barclay hologram for errors is because he was really rude to Shmully for absolutely no reason. This stupidity is compounded by making Harry out to be an utter fool at the end of the episode, even moreso than normal.

HOLO-BARCLAY: You were Borg, but you escaped and despite incredible odds, you managed to reclaim your humanity. No one's ever done that before.
Oy vey.
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