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Re: Romulan questions

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Thanks, EmperorKalan. To clarify my earlier comment that Vrax having a power-mad son is amusing, it's funny to consider that, to those who have been following the "Enterprise" post-finale as well as "Vanguard", it's clear Vrax doesn't have a clear or easy path to the praetorship. His experience of politics consists of some very prominent ups and downs, and I imagine he developed a very complex and, well, wise view of the empire's internal workings, seemingly having taken a long, difficult and dangerous road to get to his final position. Vrax does seem a reasonably cautious type. It's amusing to imagine his son (if he indeed exits...)understanding none of this, instead seeing political power in simple, greedy "whoopie, I'm in charge now!" terms, and happily jumping into a position left vacant by his father (indeed, assassinatng his father) with the idea that he'll have whatever he wants, NOW.
It's a common-enough cause for the fall of dynasties. Arguably, it works even better in an S&S-type structure where the praetorship is not usually hereditary. In a dynastic situation, at least some effort is made to train the heirs for the time they will have to take over. Smirky (my nickname for him, since we never learned his real name) is so arbitrary and ham-handed that he doesn't appear to have had any such training. Of course, there's no accounting for self-centered petulance, so it's also possible he did get training, but just ignored it all.
That certainly makes sense to me! Praetor Smirky is now his official name, I might add.
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